Mi Voz, My Power Dossier

Mi Voz, My Power is a project of international cooperation between Sumando Argentina and Generation Citizen that was carried out thanks to the support of the U.S. Embassy in Argentina. We were able to share activities, question our paradigms, and reaffirm the initiatives we have been leading as an NGO to expand their scale and levels of impact.

Both Sumando from its Program Demos, Building a Responsible Citizenship, and Generation Citizen from its Action Civics framework, we generously opened our civil association curricula, inviting teachers, directors and schools to join the conversation of educating for citizenship. We were able to meet other organizations both in the United States and in Argentina that also promote the rights of children, adolescents and their communities.

In this shared journey of immersion in the experiences and roles of each organization, we visited and interacted with leaders and students in the high school and university level, as well as in community center activists.

In this dossier we share part of the journey of Mi Voz, My Power, hoping to add more reflections to education for citizenship, responsible civic promotion, the young vote and transformative participation.

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