Dossier Informed Youth, Real Elections

Informed Youth, Real Elections (Juventudes Informadas, Elecciones Reales) is a project led by the civil associations SUMANDO Argentina, Democracia en Red and MINU that aims to train critical youth in the evaluation of digital content for the exercise of responsible citizenship. The proposal has the support of the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs through ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen), Zivik Funding Program; and UNICEF Argentina. Its ultimate goal is to contribute to the progress and strengthening of democracy in Argentina. The strategy seeks to promote the leadership of young people, especially first-time voters, to combat misinformation in social networks, which manifests itself in information bubbles and fake news. Although networks are one of the main means of interaction among young people, this is a pioneering educational program that contemplates these new challenges.

With this dossier we culminate a path that was focused on young people, reflecting the creativity, participatory and ludic approach of the project. We intend to make the voices of young people visible by disseminating the results of a project in which they were the protagonists.

In order to achieve the objectives of Informed Youth, Real Elections, we worked all year long hand in hand with educational institutions that made possible the realization of the activities that we narrate in this document.

We would like to thank the educators and institutional references for their interest and the confidence they have had in the contribution that this project has brought to them. We are especially grateful to the young participants for contributing, with creativity and commitment, their views, their concerns, their voices and their teachings, nourishing “Informed Youth, Real Elections” with meaning.