Mi Voz, My Power: Schools in Argentina and the United States

My Voice My Power aims to reflect on the role and influence of citizenship in a globalized world. It is a version of the program “Demos, Building Responsible Citizenship” translated into English and adapted to different political and cultural contexts.
Demos* is a role play workshop in which its participants must represent political, social and institutional actors in a fictitious political scenario, in order to agree on a National Budget Law. The experience opens with a brief theoretical introduction to the concepts of democracy, rights, citizenship, and participation, and closes with a group discussion about responsible citizenship.


This experience allowed us to scale up Demos at the international level and to be able to work on the tensions that exist between global and local citizenship. In 2018 we implemented this proposal in universities in the United States, such as the YMCA San Pedro in L.A., and the Southwestern Law School (SWLAW), in partnership with civil society organizations that work on youth participation and citizenship issues, such as Generation Citizen. 

Within the framework of this program, we organized the “Working Table on the Youth Vote: Perspectives and Reflections on the Argentine Experience”, in which we brought together various actors who work on the youth vote in the public sphere and in the third sector.

Although the act of voting is a significant fact in the exercise of citizenship, participation is a much broader concept. With this initiative we seek to promote dialogue among actors, a critical view of reality, and the need to be informed in a reliable manner to build opinion and open the debate.

*Demos: since 2002, this program has been implemented 1083 times, reaching more than 29.849 students from City and Province of Buenos Aires, Salta, Misiones, Santa Fé, Córdoba, Chubut, Neuquén, Entre Ríos, Uruguay, Perú, and the United States.

This program is aligned with the following Sustainable Development Goals (ODS):