Youth-led Community Projects

At SUMANDO we promote responsible citizen participation of youth in all areas of development, from the exchange of opinions to the implementation of concrete actions that generate a transformation in their community. With this program we encourage, guide and accompany the realization of a Community Project by groups of young people who have the initiative to carry out a social project. 

Throughout six meetings, we guide youth in the stages of implementation of a project: diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation. For this purpose, we use our original publication, the Guide for Youth-led Community Project, a didactic material with tools for theoretical and practical intervention adapted to a simple language.

We have guided the realization of community projects with face-to-face meetings in secondary schools, community spaces and local organizations. For example, in EEM School No. 15 “Monseñor Enrique Angelleli” we promoted the realization of a mural against institutional violence in the Mitre slum, and charitable initiatives for patients of the Pirovano Hospital.

We also carry out virtual trainings. Together with the Irradia Foundation we carried out the workshop “Acciono y Transformo”, in which we accompanied young people from Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay simultaneously in the realization of their environmental projects.

The Guide is available for free download. We encourage its use in a self-taught way. To organize a workshop at your institution or request more information, contact us at

This program is aligned with the following Sustainable Development Goals (ODS):